Pietropaolo Cavaliere, for all Paolo, was born in 1948, in the province of Caserta, in full after the war. Italy was counting on the massive damage suffered. With constant difficulties, sacrifices and deprivations, but armed with infinite hope, his people began to rebuild high.
Paul, began working at age 10, contributing to the country’s reconstruction, morale and material. Having to choose a craft, choose the craft: the SARTO !!!
The renowned “Sartoriali” workshops in Naples, where with patience and passion a piece of cloth becomes a work of art, become its “School”. The mastery of the Neapolitan Sartoria inspires Paul more and more.
Italy is on the rise for years. The Neapolitan Sartoria begins to impose itself, to make its way into the world. It is opposed to that English. Two different and decisive styles: the English with the classic and impeccable applomb; The Neapolitan one with soft line and the famous shirt sleeve, also called “MAPPINA”.

In the 60s / 70s, some historical tailors began to melt the manual art of sewing to more modern techniques. The awareness of creating a sartorial product, but at the same time industrial, allows rapid spreading on a large scale. ABLA is the brand that is still recognized worldwide for men’s high fashion tailor-made fashion. Paolo works at ABLA for about 25 years. In this context, he has the opportunity to confront high-profile engineers: ENZO LEONARDI, ANTONIO FUSCO, NINO PECORARO AND THE SAME Commendatore BLASI, founder of the same company. After ABLA begins an autonomous journey by creating customized dresses for many admirers of the tailoring vest. Everyone trusts his taste and his cut. Towards the end of the 90’s a new adventure began with Angelo Blasi and Sartoria Partenopea, which will last for 15 years. Paul transmits love for tailoring to his Carmine, Paschal and Marco sons who follow him in this company. In a short time, each of them will play an important role in that new business reality, which will quickly come to the market decisively.

But Paul is a creator. It belongs to the Old School of Neapolitan Tapestries. He needs to build. Thus, ended the chapter Sartoria Partenopea, encourages and begets the children, Pasquale and Marco, to found the “SARTIN”, where the leaders are controlled and followed by Paolo’s mastery. The SARTIN, founded by Pasquale and Marco, with the help of Bruno, has as its main objective the care of the product and the return to its origins. The true tailoring that resurfaces the taste of handmade things.
SARTIN employs 15 workers, including Pasquale and Marco, small but structured as a large company.